I am sitting in my living room on Mothers Day, thinking about how very lucky I am, to be both a mother and a teacher! Yesterday, I enjoyed visits with my daughter, my son and my grandchildren. I am hoping to visit with my son in France, either via FaceTime or by phone later today. How quickly the past few weeks have sped by! 8LD, I have thoroughly enjoyed your posts over the last few weeks, and have read and responded to several,this morning. Just a reminder, this is the last week that I can accept your posts for credit! I am eagerly anticipating your posts! Mrs. D

How creative are you?

     This week, we have been talking about the role of creativity in our lives.  What does “being artistic” really mean?  Do you draw?  Play the guitar and sing like Neil Young?  Are you an amazing dancer?  Let us know!  I’ll be looking for your posts (check the 8LD student pages) about your dreams and abilities as creative people!  Mrs. D

Challenge to 8LD!

Hello! It’s Easter Sunday, and we’ve just finished our delicious, traditional turkey dinner. Actually, we’ve been lucky enough to have two turkey dinners this weekend, as my son, my daughter-in-law, and my beautiful grandchildren hosted a family meal on Friday evening.

As there is no official blogging challenge this week, due to holidays in Australia, I’ve been looking over the challenges from the past couple of weeks, and noticed two that really appeal to me. Our city has been through some tough times, economically, over the past year, so how about telling a few interesting things about what makes it great? I am personally challenging members of 8LD to write about some of our tourist attractions, as well as some of the amazing festivals we have here. How about Springbank Park? Our outdoor markets? Storybook Gardens? And, of course, our great golf courses? Victoria Park hosts Sunfest every July, as well as the Home County Festival. What about the summer festival, Rock the Park? Just some suggestions! I’ll be checking your blogs before school resumes on Tuesday. Treats for those motivated enough to complete this over the weekend! Mrs. D

Hunger Games

     Last week, 8LD was lucky enough to get to go to a screening of the new movie, Hunger Games.  Most of us had read the novel before seeing the movie.  Check out our individual student blogs to see how we all enjoyed the experience!

      Mrs. D.

Making progress with our blogs!

Everyone returned from March Break looking rested and ready to take on the challenges of the final months of Grade 8. We have had ridiculously warm weather for March in the past couple of weeks, but started out the day today below zero once again. It’s not summer yet! Everyone in 8LD is looking forward to our trip to see The Hunger Games on Friday. Check out some of the reviews after the weekend!

March Break!

It’s March Break here in Ontario this week, so the members of 8LD are enjoying a week off from school. Some are scattered around warmer parts of North America, while others are simply catching up on much needed sleep, rest and relaxation!

My name is Edon, it really is my name,

there are no lies, this is not a game,

I’m not the tallest of those that I know,

because my life didn’t start a longtime ago,

you don’t have to judge me, or call me names,

because my favourite thing might be video games,

this poem might not be great or on time,

but at least I know how to rhyme.






I’m just another normal girl,

With my hair always at a curl.

I also quite like to write

And I am fairly short in height.

I laugh a lot and if there’s a chance

I’ll make another giggle at my idea of dance.

Well that’s all and I bid you goodbye

And if you can I hope you’ll reply!



Myself, myself, myself and I, am very kind,

I’m as sweet as cherry pie. Myself, myself, myself

and I, go to a big school, It’s big and high, you can’t deny when you

look at it through your eyes. Myself, myself, myself and I, have two sisters

and one mom. She is like a fireball and last but not least, my

dad. Once you meet him you will know you will have a blast!

Myself, myself and I, it’s sad but it’s time to say

goodbye. I hope you reply!

by Nehal



About me poem

Bashar is my name

I live in a city in North America

I go to a really good school; not one that  is bad

Well if you want to search me up go ahead you won’t find me

Don’t worry I am a human not an alien

My favourite colour is blue not any kind of blue but aqua blue

Well you might guess what my favourite kind of fruit is , it’s mangos

Well now my favourite kind of food isn’t hamburgers or pizza, it’s cheese, dude !

That’s all the information I can give you about me right now!