My name is Edon, it really is my name,

there are no lies, this is not a game,

I’m not the tallest of those that I know,

because my life didn’t start a longtime ago,

you don’t have to judge me, or call me names,

because my favourite thing might be video games,

this poem might not be great or on time,

but at least I know how to rhyme.






I’m just another normal girl,

With my hair always at a curl.

I also quite like to write

And I am fairly short in height.

I laugh a lot and if there’s a chance

I’ll make another giggle at my idea of dance.

Well that’s all and I bid you goodbye

And if you can I hope you’ll reply!



Myself, myself, myself and I, am very kind,

I’m as sweet as cherry pie. Myself, myself, myself

and I, go to a big school, It’s big and high, you can’t deny when you

look at it through your eyes. Myself, myself, myself and I, have two sisters

and one mom. She is like a fireball and last but not least, my

dad. Once you meet him you will know you will have a blast!

Myself, myself and I, it’s sad but it’s time to say

goodbye. I hope you reply!

by Nehal



About me poem

Bashar is my name

I live in a city in North America

I go to a really good school; not one that  is bad

Well if you want to search me up go ahead you won’t find me

Don’t worry I am a human not an alien

My favourite colour is blue not any kind of blue but aqua blue

Well you might guess what my favourite kind of fruit is , it’s mangos

Well now my favourite kind of food isn’t hamburgers or pizza, it’s cheese, dude !

That’s all the information I can give you about me right now!







My name is S-L-A-V-K-A,                                and I wish I knew how to dance ballet.                                                                                  Born in 1998,                                                                                                                                      I’m in that growth spurt state.                                                                                                          I like chocolate and peanut butter.                                                                                           I’m very tidy, I hate clutter.                                                                                                                                                                                  I have many friends who are very entertaining.                                                                When we are all together,                                                                                                                     We  have fun, even when it’s raining.